We are all His loyal servants…

I’ve been in a world of pain, and I’m tired of it.

Sorrow is exhausting. You don’t realize how it drains your soul. You don’t realize that while sorrow and grieving are parts of our beings, the weight is not good. It’s not a gift from God. Burden isn’t something we are supposed to shoulder to no end.

I am grateful beyond compare when someone comes along at unexpected moments to take some, if not all, that burden from me. Knowing that you are not alone to carry this is part of what God wants us to realize. Recognizing that someone needs our help, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, or a hand to hold, is what makes us the spiritual gifts from God. To help one another makes us not only an answer to someone’s prayers, but also lifts our souls to what God wants for us from day one.

RIP Sweet Bailey dog (left), who went to eternal rest three days ago. He gave us so much more than we ever deserved. Good boy, sweet pup, you deserve endless playtimes, treats and runs through golden field with Allie!!

My burdens have not disappeared. My sadness will likely always be with me. The knowledge and sense that I am not going to go through each day alone on my despair, however, has given me hope. All I need is hope. Hope for something better. Faith that I’m not ever going through life by alone in my thoughts.

I’m attaching here a few resources to anyone who needs something. We can all do something for someone. Each day we are called to do at least one good thing for someone. Spread His love without shouting it from the mountains. In His quiet humble ways do we find His amazing spiritual love for us and each other.

Where are you right now…

Depression is debilitating. I can’t move, think, or feel anything beyond my grief. Meds sometimes work, but sometimes, you can only take so much to numb yourself before it’s beyond repair.

I’m in need of something that I don’t know. I’m so lost and bereft. Yes I have to live – my children and husband need me to live so that they too will have a will to live. The emptiness, however, is never ending. I need something to make this end, even for just a moment.

I write a lot on this page about having faith, etc. Right now I have none. I have no outlook about the future other than we live, then we die. We live well to make our bodies feel safe, clean, content. Beyond life, I can’t see the hope that there is another life after this.

Yep, I am in a dark place. I’m not suicidal. I’m not going to hurt myself. But I’ve become disillusioned and jaded. I’m hopeless and cynical. I’m angry all the time and bitter. It’s not a good life, and I hate it. I miss my other self. I just can’t jump the stile to go back to the other side.

My family went on a vacation far from our usual spots. It’s very quiet here. Beautiful and peaceful. It has also shown me how lonely I am. Even with my husband, I’m alone in my grief. I need help, but don’t know where and with whom. I can’t even begin to pray, but I’m trying.

I hope I can shake off this despair. No I don’t watch the news or read it. I keep looking at the sky to find something to lift me. It’s a beautiful sight, but I’m in so dark that I can’t see the lights.

Pray for me for mercy and hope. I am so low. I hate my pity party, but I cannot believe how this evil burden is holding me down so heavily. Pray and hope for myself isn’t possible right now, but I will keep trying. Your help will be most graciously appreciated. ❤️❤️

It’s not just another day…

Praying for each of you who struggle, yet wake up each morning to try to make each day better than the last. You are heroes for your hearts and efforts. Don’t let the world tell you who you are. You are love, you are loved, and God loves you.