The art of being good…

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. This is my most favorite of holidays because His gift of eternal life is beyond what we all deserve sometimes. But I’m thankful that God is kind and merciful. I want to be with my baby girl someday, and I know I have to be kind and gracious to make it to heaven.

It is that effort that counts. It is in finding the good in every moment and person that can be so very daunting. I’m not good at being patient and gracious. I find it hard to be even tempered around unkind people. It’s hard to turn that other cheek when the hits keep coming.

I have realized that there will be some people who will just not get it – those who can’t see what the big deal is when someone gets offended. Whether it’s whatever pronoun to use or when someone doesn’t want a physical attribute to be a topic of comparison (who’s fatter?? Or who’s shortest?), there should always be a decorum of respect. That is basically all it boils down to. Each person wants to feel important and to be respected.

Kindness and respect and patience – such short supply these days. Those who demand respect are impatient and can be unkind. Those who say things because it’s just what it is are almost always impatient and unkind. Life is doggone hard. But it’s up to us to try.

I’m trying and it’s hard. But I have learned to be civil. If I can be civil, that’s the least I can do. I don’t have to like my relatives if they don’t understand why I’m still grieving. They don’t have to put up with my sensitivity if they don’t want to. You don’t have to put yourself in a situation that can result in drama. Protect yourself and they can protect themselves. We all just have to be civil and move on our separate ways.

I’m trying to get to heaven, and I just don’t need drama to get in my way. I’m sure y’all feel the same way.

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