Love Hurts

If you care, you’ll be hurt. That is almost always a given.
But what is the price of not caring?
What is the price of not loving?
To love is to be vulnerable. To love some one is ensuring that at some point, your heart will be broken. Yet, the only place outside heaven where you can be safe from the potential pain, loss and heart aches that come with loving is hell. Vulnerability is having the courage and self possession to let life and light in.

– C.S. Lewis

The weaker option is to not care. It doesn’t take strength to collapse. It takes strength to be wound able. It takes strength to live in a world that likes to take and wound. To have the strength to face this, there is Jesus who will stand next to you and strengthen you against a world that wants to tell you that you don’t matter. Jesus is not callous. His love for you overcomes all the pain that comes with loving and caring.

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