Channel your artistic self…

First I must thank everyone who prayed over me these last few weeks. I was in a funk for a long time, and I truly have felt the prayers for faith and resilience. I feel invigorated and faithful. Things are happening that will bring help to so many, and I’m excited to be a part of it (details soon because I don’t want to jinx it ).

I saw posts online about September being suicide awareness and prevention month. Such a good moment to stop and think. I do think, however, if people know how this can be made into action

I think of each of us as sculptors who take turns in helping mold each other as we age and turn into mature people. There are some people who take careful chips on our being. There are some who can be a bit careless, but without malice, take one chip too harshly from our selves. There are also those, especially during our teen years, who make sure they take that scalpel as hard as they can to make a dent into our souls.

It starts early in our lives, right. The chipping away of our souls can be done in small painful ways that add up to a big hole. A parent who ignores their child or a child who is always chosen last for group games make small yet meaningful dents. It takes one chip however to make it slightly better. Imagine if many more try more carefully to touch our beings with more care and love to reshape our humanity.

I’m trying to explain how each touch point we make is so very important. It can be you answering your parent about how you are after a crappy day. Did you respond curtly or with patience? Did you snicker when you saw someone walk by with a toilet paper stuck to their shoe? Did you joyously celebrate when your words were a zinger to another person? Did you have that satisfied smile and gossip knowing someone got their “karma” back?

It’s not her birthday, btw. I just love this collage. Photo cred: Chloe Nguyen ❤️

Yeah, even if other people don’t know how you talk behind their back or see you snicker and giggle, you know that they feel it. It’s chipping away piece by minute piece into their confidence and strength.

Stop, think AND care. It seems we have let go of our moral compass at the most opportune times. Compassion and respect are so underrated. Don’t use a hammer in dealing with others. Gentle words, caring hearts.

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