It’s a whole new week…

God is good. God is merciful. God is Almighty.

I was in the dregs, crying and pleading for my girl. It’s been tough, as it has been for so many, these many days of crises.

Then one day, I just woke up and saw the sun shine. It was a break in the clouds, but it reminded me of Allie. She is my everlasting sunshine. She can pep the dregs out of anyone.

The sun will shine again someday, and I hold on to this hope. God is merciful, and He will make that sun shine. It’s never when we as humans want it. It is then so important that we keep waking up each day because when that sun shines, we have to grab it and linger in that light.

The noise of world keeps the silence of our Lord from truly filling our hearts and minds. The ability to hear Him does require effort. But He is always there, patiently loving each one of us, waiting and persistently trying to reach us. I sometimes just don’t want to hear it. I know it’s easier to let that noise drown out our sorrows. He will never leave us, and I know this. When I’m tired of the sadness, I just look up, and He is always there. I hope that when you are tired, hopeless and down, look up, know and feel His love. Know there are many people, like me, who are willing to listen to your heartache. Love is in the air, and those droplets are for everyone.

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