Focus on your good…

Each morning, without fail, I’ve walked outside to look at the sky and greet my sunshine girl good morning. Rain or shine, I look up, greet Allie, and say my prayers. It’s my mother-daughter time with her, along with my visits to her garden (gravesite). I bring her flowers and pray, cry and smile. I miss my girl.

I believe in signs, as you know, and each time I think of my girl, I look up. God always rewards me with something beautiful to see without fail. On the first mothers’ day with out Allie, I walked the dog and looked up. The sky was a bright clear blue with clouds that formed various sizes of the letter A. One cloud formation looked like a dove. I kid you not!! I even tried to take some pics, so decide for yourselves. I believe, and I choose to believe, in a loving and merciful God, a kind and forgiving Lord who knows that Allie wasn’t in her right frame of mind when she took her life. It’s not an excuse for suicide, but rather it calls for an understanding of what she and so many must go through to lose their faith, hope and future because the pain is unbearable.

Today, I hope you had a chance to look up. Today was a beautiful day, with swirling clouds and bright blue sky. I saw birds and angels’ wings all above the sky. It was reassuring and comforting knowing our world, our country, is surrounded by God’s love, His angels, wanting us to feel His strength and peace He brings.

The world seems to have sunk into despair. I ask myself what this all means. My only answer is that I have to look at what’s closest to me. I must work on loving and giving to what is closest to me – my family, my church, my friends, my neighborhood. When I narrow down my focus, everything makes more sense, and everything is easier to handle. I am not overwhelmed by the machinations of the entire country. I have to cherish what is and who is nearest to me. It is only in doing so are we able to breathe deeply, think clearly, and keep living. Focus on the good, on what you love, on who you love, and those who aren’t loved. There is so many, but there are many of us. If we each focus on our nearest and dearest, we can change the world. God bless us all!!

Ignore that dirty windshield pls.

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