Blessings to you and yours…

Don’t pretend the holidays are not hard. There is a reason to rejoice of course. Nonetheless, there will be many of us who will be anxious, pained and alone. If you are one of those, pls try to go somewhere where there are people – good people. Look into attending Church, soup kitchens, or just watch TV of nonsense if you are alone. It can be just another night, or if you are able to see beyond the darkness, there shines the light of Bethlehem to guide us to Him who was born to save us all.

Our loved ones who have passed are celebrating in such an amazing way in heaven! I believe this with all my heart and soul. I have felt Allie in the happiest state, and it has given me hope. Christmas is all about hope!! Hope for our future, hope to be reunited, hope for our lives and love love love for ourselves and our fellow men. Allow yourself to have hope and to love. We will continue our journey together. Know that you are never really alone. God is with us, and we are finding our truths together. Find hope and the rest will follow.

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