it’s that time of year

I dread sending out Christmas cards since Allie passed away. I realize, yes, I don’t have to do it. However, there are four other kids in our home who matter so much that if I don’t create a customized card, would they feel unimportant? They’re more important than Allie right now.

The card design options vary but never cater to what I need. Can I do a rehash of last year’s pix or do a collage of all our holiday pics?? Will the latter cost too much or have too many pictures that they end up looking too small?? What’s really the point of a card when we have social media to really see what’s up with everyone else??

I’m trying to be different each year when it comes to Christmas cards. It gets harder each time. Choices aren’t that many. I can’t figure out how people will react if I add Allie’s photo or her ukulele on the card. I’m not creating the card for myself so I cannot create one that pleases me alone.

A card is a remembrance to the recipient that they are still in our thoughts. It is so heartfelt to receive one, even from people you barely know. The time and effort given to mailing the card is what makes Christmas cards, or any personal letter for that matter, so pleasant to receive.

If I could talk to each person to whom I want to send a card, I would be more than elated. I’ve met so many good people, and they really are all good-hearted people. I’ve been blessed to get to know people, especially the young adults through Allie. My spirit is heartened knowing they will be our future leaders. I’ve met genuine kids, humble, happy and content kids. I can’t wait to see how and what they will grow to be in the future. I’m hopeful that they will remain faithful, regardless of their beliefs.

My point is that a card is not just a custom to send out each year at this time. It’s sometimes our only way to reach as many people we know and love once a year, telling them in so many or little words that their presence in this world is meaningful and acknowledged. We get to show our affection by sending someone a card, even if the card isn’t handwritten. I like to think that being in someone’s mailing list is an honor in itself. People like to feel wanted. People need affection. People need people.

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