Hearing Voices…

I’ve met two mothers who have each lamented about their children undergoing deep emotional and physical distress. They call it an evil presence invading their children’s being, taking over the minds and body, creating havoc, pain, thoughts of suicide and sometimes becoming physically violent.

I don’t purport to be a therapist or an expert on mental health. How this falls into my lap is strange to me, but I’ve looked at this site (see below) for guidance on how to direct the mothers where to find help. If you know someone struggling with this kind of behavior, maybe the information Anna Lente (see LINK below) posted on the website The Mighty can help.

Please note that you will be directed to a different website. As always, I have no control over the content and information they are posting on their site. I have visited the site by the way. The information Anna posted is for your information, but not meant as an endorsement by me.

By Anna Lente

@annalente, Contributor; I want to raise awareness about mental illness. I am a poet, artist, and licensed community mental health counselor. I have a blog on Psych Central called Counseling Confidential.blogs.psychcentral.com/counseling-confidential

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