Conversation Starters

Find a moment to talk (from Seize The Awkward)

Having a conversation about mental health might be uncomfortable, but it can make all the difference. Seize The Awkward offers the tools – from conversation guides to tips –that can help you help those in need.

Concerned about a friend?

You might not be certain your friend is displaying worrisome signs regarding their mental health. Here are a few signs to look for as a guide:

– Impulsive behaviors or being more irritated than usual
– Not functioning like their usual selves (i.e., change in habits of how they dress, general appearance, eating or sleep habits)
– Talking about feelings of loneliness or despair
– Excessive worry
– Trouble concentrating
– Substance misuse

The above is just one of several guides to help start conversations between friends, kids and their parents, and more. Learn the Signs, make connections and stay mentally healthy.

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