Let’s get this over with…

We’re all holding our breath for tomorrow’s election. No, we’re holding our breath for what happens after the election.

It’s a sad commentary on our society when we are afraid of each other. We’re afraid of our future, our neighbors, our ability to speak up and afraid of what may be. We have never been so unsure and discomfited by our own selves – except maybe during the Civil War or Vietnam war??

I don’t pretend to know how this all began or who started what, etc. I do know that it’s not helpful that we don’t know how to manage our social situations – technology, media, computers, et al.

We’ve got to dial back to managing our own selves before reacting to the world around us. We can’t respond to what we see and hear if we haven’t made sure our own lives are where we need them to be. That is, ask yourself if you’re healthy physically, socially, and mentally. Ask yourself if you’ve got a core group of people who will be there for you no matter what, without judgment nor preconcieved notions. Ask yourself if you’re preparing your home as you think it needs to be – clean, supplied, financially steady or at least ok. Are you able to think clearly about what you are doing, where you are headed, and what you can do for others?

Responding to news and social media posts once you have settled your self allows you to be able to discern what is right and what’s wrong. Don’t allow yourself to agree on one thing because it aligns with all you already believe – make sure you’ve given the opposing view an honest assessment so that you will know whether you’re making the right choices or not.

It is in giving that we receive – that goes for sharing our wealth, our treasures and our talents, as well as giving those with whom we don’t agree a chance to tell us why they stand for certain issues.

When we don’t take care of ourselves before jumping to conclusions, we are creating a disservice in narrowing our focus too quickly and too impulsively. Regrets will come, and I know that there’s nothing worst than regret. There’s just nothing you can do about it. You can only fix it by making sure you don’t do or say or act on anything impulsively.

One thing you will never regret is turning to your faith in times of turmoil. Your faith will strengthen your resolve, open your heart, guide you, and allow you to heal. God never turns away from you, even if you had turned away from Him. Allowing God to enter your decisions will give you a clearer vision of what’s good for you and what is good for your neighbors. It will end all anxiety and fear, all suspicions and arguments. There’s only acceptance and respect. There’s revelation of our unique gifts and appreciation that we are all different, think different, act different. No one needs the same thing – hence, our different approaches allows our people to be helped in different ways.

Political affiliations don’t always make for good alliances. They’re divisive if we don’t accept each other’s beliefs with respect and allowances. Undermining each other is horrible. We must demand more of each other, our leaders and our country as a whole, to stop the need to humiliate, undermine, sow discord and basically make stuff up against each other. This happens when God isn’t allowed in our hearts. This happens when God is no longer welcome in our country.

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