I clearly remember Allie’s graduation day in 2016. The day started with high humidity, followed by rain, and the skies opening up just long enough for the young ladies to process, make their bows, and sing their class song, Home by Phillip Phillips. It’s a prophetic song that rings so true.

I found it to be a beautiful day. I listen to this song all the time. It reminds me of Allie, and it speaks of God, love, family, school, purpose, loyalty and camaraderie. It reminds us all that someone is willing to listen. We don’t always know how to say it or show it, but there are people who want to help others who are crying silently inside.

To those who are looking for a shoulder to lean on, or a hand to hold on to, reach out. You can reach out here or to someone you think you can trust. Resources are posted here to help you find that connection.

I find that looking at someone’s eyes speaks volumes. It shows you care, it shows you are present. You can’t always see that through our phones or devices.

I’m posting the song here as a reminder that someone is home, wherever home may be, to listen and care. We can try to help you find your home.

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